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ACEMA Edu ERP can be accessed from your Mobile, Laptop, Tablet or PC. 
It is multi-platform compatible and is accessible anytime-anywhere. 

Want to restrict access outside of campus? No problem.  Use the geo-fencing feature and you can have the access restricted only inside the campus. With many more such features, ACEMA Edu ERP comes with a customisable menu 
that can be tailored as per your needs.  At investments less than Rs. 200 per student*, you have an ERP that is flexible, 
scalable, cost savings with increased productivity and efficiency!

Smart options for a smart campus - Unified education management | Easy purchase options | Free set-up, training and customization* | Quick deployment 
and on-demand tech support.

Take a peek at the Modules/ Apps already pre-built for you

ACEMA has close to 80 critical functions mapped as modules - each acting as an individual App and can be integrated with each other and scale it up to a full scale ERP.  Any Academic Institution such as School or College can select the module in a` la carte and keep adding modules as they scale or wish to add later.  ACEMA gives you the complete flexibility to add CUSTOM automation as you may want.  All the pre-built modules shown above can be customized up to 40% from its original function.  Because we understand that each institution may have its own processes and functions.