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    seamless management of all the critical 

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If you are an Education Institution who  currently uses an ERP or planning to buy one, please use the below CHECKLIST to ascertain whether your current Software has all the required features and tools that are needed by any

education management application for a 100% digital transformation.

Is it Cloud based with 24/7 access?

Yes. With ACEMA - you are on Cloud now. ACEMA Edu ERP is built on the Zoho Cloud platform and all its Module Apps can be accessed 24/7 by the domain and portal users at any time anywhere and from any device. You can achieve seamless working while accessing the app for any work.

Is it customizable?

ACEMA Edu ERP has all the important generic academic processes automated and pre-built already so that you can start using right away.  It is also customizable.  Want to include a new workflow into the app? - Our developers can quickly script it into your app. Whatever, may be your niche requirement, we can now code in the automation as you prefer.

Do I get personaliized Portals?

All users of ACEMA Edu ERP can log into their dedicated internal system and access important data. Management, Admin, Faculty, Non Teaching Staff, Teachers, Students, Parents, Vendors and Alumni can use their own login to access the app and Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) as per the roles and permissions set-up for each user.

Is my data safe on Cloud?

Stop worrying about your data. Store chunks of data on Zoho’s cloud server with highest levels of security. Quickly access all your data over the cloud seamlessly at any time. Zoho has the highest security protocols as per international standards and your data is safe. Only you and you alone can access your data.

Can I integrate with existing apps?

With ACEMA Edu ERP – you can now integrate other third party vendors and services such as accounting software, biometric devices, messaging apps, payment gateways, web forms etc., that are important for your institution.  Also you can connect to any of the 45+ apps (such as Mail, Social, Campaigns, Books, Cliq, Trainer Central) of Zoho for a seamless integration within the Zoho ecosystem.

Is it user-friendly?

ACEMA Edu ERP is designed to be used by various stakeholders such as students, parents, vendors, staff and management.  With easy to use interface, anyone can plug and play the apps.  What's more, you will be provided with a hands-on training in setting up the dashboard and migrating old data , report generation, analytics etc.  Every user will have the advantage to use ACEMA to the fullest.

Can I get analytical reports?

With ACEMA Edu ERP, you get any report of your choice and roles at the tap of a few buttons.  Don’t rack your brains to prepare colorful and insightful reports for your boss. Beat the stress of preparing for your meetings and take it on the go.  Just login to your reports and start presenting your numbers instantly What’s more, you can now display all critical information in a visual format through charts and figures.

Can I multi-access from any device?

Yes. Built on Zoho Creator platform, ACEMA Edu ERP and its module apps can be accessed from any device or platform viz PCs, phones, laptops, and tablets with auto adjust to fit different screens.

Does it have a payment gateway?

With payment gateways integrated inside the Edu ERP, parents and students can be able to pay fees, or for admin to buy office supplies. ACEMA Edu ERP application accommodates different payment gateways for the purpose

How excellent is my ROI?

As a Cloud based Edu ERP, ACEMA  offers you the best of ROI when you consider going paperless 

and offers high mobility, savings, visibility, efficiency, productivity and scalability.

Be free from all manual and repetitive tasks.  

ACEMA Edu ERP offers the best in class and complete ERP solution for managing any type of academic institution - Schools, Colleges & Universities. 

Built with over 80 modules / apps , it helps you to scale up from basic to advanced levels,  covering all areas of operations, 

right from Admissions to Alumni!        What's more - Your checklist is complete with ACEMA Edu ERP....                

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